After years of surveying of Jewish people living around the globe, and asking what the number one reason is for feeling great to be Jewish, here are the 10 most common answers:


  1. The Jewish community is an extraordinary one, with an extraordinary history. The history of Judaism started 3,500 years ago, which makes it one of the oldest religions in the world. Today, there are more than 14 million Jews living all around the world. The fundamentals of Judaism have set the basis for the fundamental concepts in our civilization, such as the ten commandments, the 7 day week concept with Sabbath being a day for rest, the close integration between religious practice and the ethics of everyday life, are just a few.
  2. The value system of the Jewish community. As the Hillel rulings say “Do not do to others what is hateful to you” which is the basis of the Jewish and later on – the Christian value systems. Jewish people believe in human compassion, honesty and justice.
  3. Freedom and self-esteem. Judaism stresses on the importance of personal freedom, which is most evident at the oldest celebration of freedom in the world – Passover. Historically, Jews have been fighting for their freedom and have led such struggles against various oppressors.
  4. Judaism makes life more meaningful. The traditions, celebrations and beliefs of Judaism addresses the important things in life, including: the importance of family and human connection, as well as the anguish of suffering and the mysteries of love. The purpose of life and the questions about death.
  5. Family life for Jews. The family is the center point of all Jewish traditions, rituals and observance of holidays. One good example of keeping the family close is the tradition of Shabbat, when the family gets together on Friday night and celebrates Shabbat with a special meal.
  6. The belief that good deeds tip the worlds’ balance between evil and good toward the good side. Jewish people are required to help the people with less money by giving one tenth of their income for Tzedakah (charity).
  7. Tikkun Olamrepairing the world. Jews place a greater importance on the actual life and the constant striving to make life better and just. Since Judaism doesn’t emphasize the importance of the afterlife, but rather the importance of this life.
  8. The Jewish community. Judaism is very much a communal religion. Jews pray together, and there is even a requirement which requires that the prayer is said by at least 10 people (Minyan).
  9. The Jewish holidays. Filled with meaningful liturgies, community, family, delicious food and love, Jewish holidays are being observed closely by the Jewish people, and all the traditions of these holidays and celebration are meticulously being passed over from one generation to the next.
  10. Positive thinking. Having positive thinking, saying blessings before each meal and thanking God when one sees a rainbow are traditions which make Jews more positive.

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