About JBC

A bit about us and why you should keep hanging around this site:

We are just a bunch of folks who life their life to the fullest. Whether we are jumping off bridges, climbing mountains or discussing life over a dozen beers, we are always striving to have fun.

We strongly believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest
To enjoy every day
Live fully every minute
Every second

Because life is short


Too many people get stuck in the rat race.
Too many of us live from paycheck to paycheck
Too many dedicate their life and soul to a job they don’t really enjoy, just so they are able to provide to their families.


And in the mean time they simply forget to live.
They forget that they have only so much time on the Earth and live as they will live forever

But the hard truth is that the life is short
It may end up unexpectedly. You may not wake up tomorrow to drag your arse to the job you dread.


Isn’t life supposed to happen this way?
No, dear kind stranger. It isn’t!


Life is meant to be enjoyed. It is a roller coaster, not a smooth sailing.


Get on the ride and keep your foot on the gas pedal for as long as you can.

Share jokes. Exercise. Socialize. Make time for your family and friends.

Do things that make you happy and don’t forget that time is the only asset we cannot make. It is precious. use it wisely. Find out how we juggle the fine balance between a fun life and a fullfiling life.

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